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Lunar Lore Friendly Vehicle Subscription

Lunar Lore Friendly Vehicle Subscription

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This subscription contains a pack of Lore friendly UK based Police Marked/Unmarked and Ambulance vehicles from our catalogue, ready to be dragged and dropped to your FiveM server.

  • All subscription packages are delivered and downloadable via KeyMaster.
  • The subscription can be cancelled at any time and access will only be revoked at the end of that 30 day cycle. 
  • Please open a ticket in discord once the package is purchased for us to build your pack.
  • Please note that authorisation of the pack will take a maximum of 48 hours from purchase of your FIRST month, any subsequent months will continue on from that build. 
  • The Lunar Lore Friendly ELS Subscription Includes the following vehicles:

    Albany V-STR          M/U/A
    Bravado Buffalo STX   M/U/A
    Benefactor Streiter   M/U/A
    Benefactor XLS        M/U/A
    Coil Raiden           M/U/A
    Dinka Sugoi           M/U/A
    Dinka Kanjo           M/U/A
    Declasse Vigero ZX    M/U/A
    Enus Deity            M/U/A
    Gallavanter Baller    M/U/A
    Karin Kuruma          M/U/A
    Lampadati Cinquemila  M/U/A
    Lampadati Komoda      M/U/A
    Nagasaki Shinobi      M/U/A
    Obey Tailgater S      M/U/A
    Ocelot Jugular        M/U/A
    Ocelot Lynx           M/U/A
    Ocelot Seeker         M/U/A
    Pfister Astron        M/U/A
    Pfister Comet S2      M/U/A
    Toundra Panthere      M/U/A
    Übermacht Oracle XS   M/U/A
    Übermacht Rebla GTS   M/U/A
    Übermacht Rhinehart   M/U/A
    Vapid Sadler          M/U/A
    Vapid Aleutian        M/U/A

    Brute Box Ambulance
    Police Riot Van

    Vehicles marked *M/U/A* Contain Marked, Unmarked & Ambulance Variants
  • The Lore NON-ELS pack currently sits at 29 vehicles and is not completely converted yet. It will eventually match the ELS version. 

Lunar Developments and all associated products reserve the right to sell this product. All purchases are final and, as is a digital product, none refundable. By purchasing our product you are agreeing that you do not own any rights to this item, only 1 times licence to use on your specified server. Using the product on any other server than the specified, and/or agreed development server) is a breach of our terms of service. Any files pertaining to this product will be automatically delivered.

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