Lunar Developments is a small team of individuals specialising in creating various GTA V assets.

We pride ourselves on quality and service. After starting off doing light development through some large British servers, we decided to run our own vision. We provide fictional British Emergency vehicles and custom made clothing varing from casual, dress and work.

Find out about our team below!

  • Hottor

    Hottor is a founder of the "Lunar" name, dating back to Lunar Network where he started skinning cars. He works behinds the scenes on our sales and working with our vehicles team to develop our assets.

  • Kaeteh

    Kaeteh is one of the two clothing developers for Lunar Developments. She has been working with 3D modelling and textures for over a year. She uses programs such as Marvelous Designer, 3Ds Max, ZBrush and Photoshop to create her work.

  • Melody

    Hey, I'm Melody or Mel for short! I've been a hobby 3D designer and game dev on and off for about 8yrs!
    I'm the newest addition to the clothing dev team here at Lunar!
    My favourite thing to make is accessories! For modelling I only use Blender, for texturing a mix of Photoshop and Substance Painter!

  • Wailing

    Wailing is our vehicles developer, he has been working on vehicles for a year. Behind the scenes he does our setups, liveries, templating, non-ELS conversions and any model edits and extras for customers. He uses zModeler and trustworthy to create his work.

  • Cyanide

    Cyanide is our livery developer, he has been working on vehicles for two years. He creates liveries for all types of vehicles and has recently dabbles in clothing retextures. He uses Photoshop and Illustrator to create his work.

  • Porky