Thank you for purchasing from Lunar Develpoments. Here's a short FAQ to answer some of your questions regarding our products.

What files are provided when purchasing a vehicle?

In our packs we try provide the model (.yft files), texture files (.ytd) and relevant meta files such as handling, carcols (if applicable, such as non-els vehicles) and car variations files. Please note, we do not provide ELS files.

I purchased a vehicle and it has no ELS files, what should I do?

We recommend looking at your ELS script for support on how to successfully get our vehicles working with you chosen ELS. Each individual ELS script is different this is why we do not provide this file, what would work for one may not work for another. You could try copying a ELS file that is already working from another vehicle and adjusting it to fit the vehicle(s) you've purchased from us.

There is a problem with my order, how can we contact you?

You can contact us on our Discord and open a ticket for support. Your issue will be dealt with by one of our staff and could take up to 3-5 business days to hear a reponse from us regarding your issue.

Can I get a refund on my digital product?

There are no refunds for digital purchases unless agreed with a member of staff regarding an issue you are facing. If this cannot be resolved in good time then there will be a discussion regarding a possible refund.

I can't get my cars to work in-game, can you help?

We provide working files on all our products. The backend handling and other data should be an issue resolved by yourself. We do not provide a service to ensure your vehicles are configured properly for your server. We advise you having some knowledge on coding lua files such as handling and carcols etc to ensure the vehicle is correctly configured to your needs. Please open a ticket if you are 100% certain the files we've provided do not work or the issue is something outside of ELS files and handling files.